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Training Sessions

At each session members are divided into groups of similar age and ability. The aim is that there will be a maximum of five gymnasts to one trampoline bed with one coach, and where possible, gymnasts will have the same coach every week.

Our sessions are for members of all abilities. All of our members are encouraged to compete, with opportunities for local Friendly competitions as well as Regional / National events. With different abilities all training at the same time, it gives an opportunity of the beginners to see the level of skills that they can aspire towards.

We run during school term-time with a reduced number of sessions during the school holidays. Priority for these holiday sessions are given towards those members competing in Regional / National events.

We also offer Double Mini-Trampoline (DMT) sessions for those experienced gymnasts to enjoy this other exciting Trampoline activity. For more information about the activity of DMT, please visit our History section.

Our coaches and volunteers are responsible for setting up and packing away all of our equipment, so all help is greatly appreciated and we ensure that everyone that helps is supported.

As part of our procedure updates due to Covid-19, we ask that members arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of each session and wait at the Sports Centre entrance, where a member of the club will come and collect gymnasts and accompany them to the Sports Hall. For those wishing to help set up, they can arrive 25-30 minutes prior to the start of sessions and come through to the Sports Hall.

Sessions currently run at the following times:

Day Start Finish Activity
Saturday 09:30 11:00 Trampoline
Saturday 09:30 11:00 DMT
Saturday 11:00 13:00 Trampoline
Sunday 16:30 18:00 Trampoline
Sunday 18:00 19:30 Trampoline
Friday 18:30 20:00 Trampoline
*Most of our sessions run during term-time only


All members are required to wear suitable sporting clothing, and are encouraged to train in a leotard and shorts. Everyone must wear socks and/or trampoline shoes while on the trampoline or double mini-trampoline. Jewellery and piercings are not permitted and must either be taped up or removed for the duration of each session.

There is a selection of club kit available which can be seen in the Club Kit section of our website. Details on how to order can also be found there. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Training Fees

The fees for sessions are based on the number of expected sessions each year and payment is made by Direct Debit on a monthly basis.

The fees are as follows:

  • Saturday 9.30am (1.5 hours): £20.10 per month;
  • Saturday 11.00am (2 hours): £26.80 per month;
  • Sunday 4.30pm (1.5 hours): £20.10 per month;
  • Sunday 6.00pm (1.5 hours): £20.10 per month;
  • Friday 6.30pm (1.5 hours): £21.12 per month;
  • DMT Sat (1.5 hours): £20.10 per month.

Discounts are available where more than one trampoline session a week is attended.

All members are required to have BG membership.

If members wish to leave the club then we ask for one months’ notice of this in writing.

How to Join

If you are interested in you or your child joining us then please contact us via email at stating your child’s name, date of birth, and whether you have a preference of session.