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Frequently Asked Questions

As and when we’re asked common questions we share them here. If we’re unable to answer your query on our website then please feel free to contact us by emailing or by following the form on the Contact page.

  • How do I join Alton Trampoline Club?
  • Please contact us via email at stating your child’s name, date of birth, and whether you have a preference of session.

  • What should I wear to training sessions?
  • All members are required to wear suitable sporting clothing, and are encouraged to train in a leotard and shorts. Everyone must wear socks and/or trampoline shoes while on the trampoline and double mini-trampoline. Jewellery and piercings are not permitted and must either be taped up or removed for the duration of each session.

    You will have seen that we have a club leotard available to purchase, which all of our Squad members should be wearing at competitions. However, gymnasts can wear any leotard at training sessions. We also have a Training leotard, although it is not compulsory. We have included some links to companies that sell leotards in our Links section.

  • How can I purchase Club kit?
  • Details of how to purchase our Club kit can be found on the Club kit section of our website. Click here for the link.

  • How can I find out further information about the sport of Trampolining?
  • We have a link on our website in the menu bar to given an overview on the sport of Trampolining and its history. Click here for the link.

  • What is a Swivel Hips / Rob Roy / Rudolph?
  • We have a list of different skills that can be performed on the trampoline and what they are in ‘The Sport’ section of our website, which can also be found be following this link.

  • Are there any opportunities for people with disabilities to try the sport or join the club?
  • We are a fully inclusive club and if you wish to join the club then anyone can apply. We currently have a number of performers who compete at TPD Level (Trampolining for People with Disabilities), including a current British Champion. We do not run separate sessions, rather all members join in the same sessions. We have 4 coaches who have all taken the British Gymnastics course for coaching gymnasts with disabilities. Our coach Sylvia is also the Disability Officer for the Southern British Gymnastics region. We are proud to be one of the few clubs in the country recognised by British Gymnastics for our commitment to being fully inclusive as part of the “I’m In” accreditation.

    Alton Sports Centre also run separate sessions for people with disabilities, which is run by one of our coaches, Sylvia. We work closely with other groups, such as ‘The Oaks Playscheme’ in Petersfield, and the ‘Basingstoke Go! Club’, and have organised one-off sessions for groups to try out the sport. If you would like more details then please feel free to contact us.

  • Do you run any sessions for adults?
  • We do not run any specific adult sessions ourselves, however Alton Sports Centre do run adult sessions that are regularly coached by our coaches. Please contact Alton Sports Centre for further details.

    We do have adults that compete on a regular basis for ATC and they train in the regular sessions that we offer.

  • Are any of your documents available in large print?
  • We are able to provide large print copies of the majority of our documents. Should you require this then please let us know.

  • What additional steps are you taking as a result of coronavirus?
  • We have taken guidance from British Gymnastics and liaised with Alton Sports Centre to adapt our procedures, and our Covid-19 Risk Assessment and relevant documents can be found in our Policies section . Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.