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I’M IN-spired at Disability Trampoline Competition

A wonderful day of competition took place in Gloucester this past weekend, as Aspire Springers Trampoline Club hosted a day of gymnastics and trampoline competitions for gymnasts with disabilities.

140713_TPD Gloucester Comp 6

Six members from Alton Trampoline Club travelled West to take part, and for some this would be their first experience of a Trampoline competition. Some fantastic performances saw plenty of success and smiles from the gymnasts and parents alike, with the following results in their respective age groups:

  • Marcus (Club Level) – 3rd place
  • Leonora (Club Level) – 2nd place
  • Robert (Regional Level) – 2nd place
  • Alex (Regional Level) – 1st place
  • Federica (Regional Level) – 1st place
  • Dan (National Level) – 2nd place
140713_TPD Gloucester Comp 8

Thanks to Sylvia and Andy for travelling to the event to support the gymnasts and to help out at the competition. We would also like to extend a huge thank you to Aspire Springers for hosting the event, and also Dawn Lawson deserves special mention for the work she put in to allow so many gymnasts to take part.

There was a warm and friendly atmosphere with competitors and coaching supporting each other, and it was a great event for everyone who took part.

The event was run as part of “I’m In” Disability Gymnastics programme by British Gymnastics, designed to provide opportunities for any to be able to take part in the sport of Gymnnastics. ATC are delighted to help support the programme with our all-inclusive policy, and the more people that are able to participate and try out the sport the better. Please contact us for further information, or see the British Gymnastics website to find out more.

by Mike Wakely