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Great experience at local friendly competition

Our members had a great time at a recent local friendly competition, hosted by Swallows Trampoline Club. With the individual categories aimed primarily at the more novice competitors, our members attended alongside our friends at other local clubs: Alpha, Portsmouth, P.S.Trampoline & Gymnastics, and Phoenix Trampoline Club.

5 of our members were competing in their first external Trampoline competition and they all did incredibly well. Following a stumble in her first routine, Erin came back brilliantly to complete her second routine to finish 6th in the Intermediate A Under 11s. The Intermediate B group was close, with just 1.35 between 1st and 8th! Imogen came 8th and Chloe 5th. Yasmine, who has completed in a couple of competitions in the past, produced two excellent routines and earned herself a place on the podium, finishing in 2nd place.

Elena was attempting her Disability NDP 1 routine for the first time in a competition, in preparation for both Schools competitions and Regional events in the upcoming months. She made a great start with it, as she finished both routines and claimed FIRST PLACE!

Despite a great season in Double Mini-Trampoline, this was Alex’s first external Trampoline competition. He did well in the mixed Advanced A Under 11 group and finished in 15th. In a highly competitive Over 13s group, Reuben scored the highest individual score of the day by an ATC member to finish in 5th place.

The event finished with the enjoyable Synchro competition, where there was success for our two pairs. Imogen and Jess, who have both only recently learned to somersault, completed their somersaults together and won the FIRST PLACE medals! In the older group, our more experienced duo of Lorna and Scarlett did very well to remain in time while performing a more difficult routine to achieve 2nd place and some well-deserved medals.

It was a great day, and we’d like to thank Swallows for hosting, along with our coaches who supported our members throughout the day, and our new judges Vicky and Judy, who did a fantastic job in their first competition!

Results – Swallows Gala 2018

by Mike Wakely