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DMT Results from Romsey

As the 2nd and final Regional Double Mini-Trampoline (DMT) competition took place over the weekend, our five competitors headed back down to Romsey to test their DMT skills and see if they could improve on their previous impressive performances.

Dexter was up first, looking to put his demons behind him after falling a couple of times at the last competition. He showed such improved confidence to successfully complete all four of his passes and win his group!

James somersaulted his way through two of his passes, but unfortunately failed to clear the DMT on his third pass so the coach had to push in the safety mat, resulting in him coming away with a silver medal.

Hattie and Stuart both showed the composure that won them medals at the last competition to clear all of their passes and win their respective groups.

Katherine topped off the day by showing substantial improvement in her skills, and could only improve her landings if she had put glue on her feet, as she held every single landing on the mat with minimal movement. This improvement was evident in her scores, as she came away with 2nd place and a score that stands her with a great chance of qualifying for the Regional Finals in May.

DMT Coach Sylvia was delighted, saying that all of the performers “did themselves and the club proud”.

by Mike Wakely