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Huge congratulations to our members Alex and Robert who this past weekend have become NATIONAL SCHOOLS CHAMPIONS!

Alex, from Sun Hill Junior School, was competing in the Under 14 Disability Category 1 group. His older brother Robert, from Perins school, competed in the Under 19 Disability Category 1 group. Both of the brothers, from Alresford, showed great composure and confidence to show off their routines and their great scores meant that they both finished first in their respective groups.

After two qualifying rounds back in December and January, this was a just reward for the two of them who, following their successful performances last year, were determined that they had to compete somersaults in their routines the next time they took part in a competition. Over this time they have shown a terrific attitude and have worked hard along with their coaches Andy, Lee and Sylvia. For their families especially, to see both of them standing proud with the winners trophies was a wonderful sight to see!

Thank you to their families and to Andy as well, for making the near-450 mile round trip to Wigan so that they could take part!

Congratulations once again to our two National Schools Champions!

by Mike Wakely