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AGM 2020 – All Virtual

We will be holding our AGM on Thursday 26th November at 7pm.

This year, for obvious reasons, we aren’t able to run the event as a group get-together. Instead, we will be running this over Zoom.

What this does mean is that we can keep the event shorter than usual, and it will be easier for any of our members and parents to join in and get involved.

We have already sent out our committee reports to members by email. We will be looking to fill some of the places on our Exec Committee and sub-committee. In particular, our Club Secretary as Judy, who has done a wonderful job over the last few years, is stepping down. She is happy to assist whoever takes this over with the handover.

Our current committee is as follows:

  • Chairperson: Vicky Othen
  • Secretary: Judy Plumridge (stepping down)
  • Competition Secretaries: Anne Edward & Federica Vazzana
  • Treasurer: Sylvia Comber
  • Head Coach: Mike Wakely
  • Funding Officer: Andrew George (stepping down)
  • Welfare Officers: Stuart Sharpe, Sylvia Comber, Fi Gallagher
  • Publicity Offer: Angie Owens
  • Schools Liaison: Kerry Wells
  • Parent Liaison: VACANT
  • Health & Safety: Mike Wakely & Stuart Sharpe
  • Social Secretaries: Kerry Wells (stepping down) & Glenda Edwards
  • Member’s Reps: Federica Vazzana, Katherine George, Hattie Mitchell, Scarlett Othen & Lorna Plumridge
  • Website: Mike Wakely & James Acott

by Mike Wakely