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Whether you’re looking to trampoline purely for fun, or want to progress to competing, Alton is a club where you can do this in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Alton Trampoline Club (ATC) is run and coached by volunteers. We are a friendly club, that is open to all abilities, we welcome the help and support of parents, as this is one of the factors that makes Alton Trampoline Club family orientated and fun to be part of. Whether you’re looking to trampoline purely for fun, or want to progress to competing, Alton is a club where you can do this in a safe and enjoyable environment.

We have competitors who represent us at Regional, National and International level. There is a great sense of friendship and support at all levels and this is evident at competitions and training sessions alike.

The coaches at Alton have a wide range of experience over a number of years. Their qualifications enable us to cater for all grades and abilities. We also promote development of our members from within the club to become coaches and judges. This is also open to any keen parents who want to get involved within the club.

We are a Gym Mark accredited club. Being Gym Mark accredited means Alton Trampoline Club is recognised by British Gymnastics and their partners as being safe, effective, and child friendly. We are a club that you can trust through the training, welfare, support and facilities we offer.

Please contact us if you’re looking to enjoy trampolining, be safe and make new friends. We’re the club who can offer this in a fantastic environment.

Please explore the website for all you need to know about Alton Trampoline Club and get in touch if you have any questions.

Vicky Othen, Chairperson, Alton Trampoline Club

At each session members are divided into groups of similar age and ability. The aim is that there will be a maximum of five children to one trampoline bed with one coach, and where possible children will have the same coach every week.

All of our sessions are for members of all abilities. All of our members are encouraged to compete, with opportunities for local Friendly competitions as well as Regional / National events. With different abilities all training at the same time, it gives an opportunity of the beginners to see the level of skills that they can aspire towards.

We run during school term-time with a reduced number of sessions during the school holidays. Priority for these holiday sessions are given towards those members competing in Regional / National events.

We also offer Double Mini-Trampoline (DMT) sessions for those experienced gymnasts to enjoy this other exciting Trampoline activity. For more information about the activity of DMT, please visit our History section

Sessions currently run at the following times:

Day Start Finish Activity
Saturday* 08:00 09:30 Trampoline
Saturday* 09:30 11:00 Trampoline
Saturday* 09:30 11:00 DMT
Saturday 11:00 13:00 Trampoline
Sunday* 16:30 18:00 Trampoline
Sunday 18:00 19:30 Trampoline
Thursday 18:00 19:00 DMT
Thursday 19:00 20:30 Trampoline
*Our early weekend and DMT sessions run during term-time only

You can also find out information and the latest news from our Facebook and Twitter pages